Cable reels enhance efficiency

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Express parcels carrier Lynx has selected cable reels from Kabelschlepp Metool to power an innovative parcels handling project that will enhance efficiency at its Nuneaton hub, which is now 20 years old.

Metool and Lynx’s in-house engineering team have been involved in an ongoing refurbishment of the final stage of the handling element of operation, where parcels, coded according to their destination, pass from sorting bays down an out-feed onto rollers and into a trailer for onward delivery to the network of branches.

The reels feed a power cable to an automatic roller line capable of moving backwards and forwards and extending from the end of the out-feed belt inside the full length of a trailer. Handlers stacking the trailers start the rollers when parcels start arriving on the chutes and then, as the trailers begin to fill up, the rollers can be retracted to create more space until the trailer is fully loaded and ready to be driven away.

 When the next trailer arrives, the rollers are moved forward into position and the whole process and recommence. Previously, coded parcels were collected from the out-feed belt and placed onto pallet trucks which were then moved into the waiting trailer or, alternatively, manually handled and stacked ready for outbound movement.

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