Insurance scheme keeps premiums down

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Volvo Insurance Services, in conjunction with specialist fleet insurance group SBP, is launching a brand new Volvo Fleet Insurance Initiative. The insurance program is aimed at both the truck, and bus and coach sectors.

During 2003, insurance premiums rose by around 10%, according to a recent Freight Transport Association quarterly survey, and this year operators can expect premiums to rise by a further 7%. Volvo’s initiative, Volvo Fleet Insurance, is aimed at reversing this trend to enhance operator profitability.

The scheme is operated by Volvo Insurance Services, a division Volvo Financial Services and, in conjunction with SBP Group, an insurance brokerage with extensive experience in supplying competitive fleet insurance.

“Along with our partners, SBP, we’ve managed to reduce customer premiums by 25 to more than 30%,” commented Nicky Levey, director of business development at Volvo Financial Services. “Volvo Fleet Insurance should really assist our operators with better value cover whether it’s in the truck, bus or coach markets. Our partners have a proven track record in transport insurance and skills in helping operators better manage their risk. They are committed to finding best value for Volvo customers and making Volvo Fleet Insurance a success.”

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