Latest truck offering gives optimum productivity

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More than 200 advanced features have been packed into the new N series of 1.5 to 3.5 tonne IC engine counterbalance trucks for Mitsubishi. The result is revolutionary line-up of diesel and LP gas models that successfully delivers not only outstanding performance but exceptional safety and “unbeatable value for money”.

Building on the almost legendary reputation for reliability achieved by its forerunner, the K series, the new truck has been totally redesigned around the needs of the driver of optimum productivity and profitability. The truck’s state-of-the-art diesel and LP gas engines generate exceptionally powerful ramp and lift performance as well as rapid acceleration and travel. At the same time, however, its advanced technology means lower noise and vibration levels, reduced emissions and higher fuel economy.

Driving down operating costs has influenced every aspect of the truck’s design. Innovative developments – and use of high-quality components – have reduced wear, enhanced service access simplified maintenance. In this way the service interval has been more than doubled, while the time taken for each service has been cut substantially and the durability of the truck has been improved even further. In other words, this is a truck which will spend much more time in productive action and less time in the service bay.

Recognising that productivity also depends heavily on ergonomic considerations, Mitsubishi has done everything to give operators the perfect conditions in which to do their job effectively. The cabin, styled along automotive lines, gives drivers an immediate feeling of familiarity, confidence and comfort. It includes a fully adjustable suspension seat, auto-style pedals and a highly responsive, small-diameter steering wheel. The steering column can be adjusted infinitely and has a very useful memory position, ensuring the ideal set-up every time. Then there is the all-round visibility which comes from the design of its clear-view mast, fork carriage and over head guard making it easy to manoeuvre the truck precisely and safety.

Stability is a case in point. The N series has a very low centre of gravity, which avoids the need for complex and vulnerable stabilising systems that add significantly to the purchase and maintenance costs. Other safety features include its robust construction, massive viewing arc, intuitive controls, preventive cut-outs, warning lights and automatic fail-safe measures. And all of this is included within the value-for-money standard-price – so the customer can afford productivity and safety.

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