Better lighting improves safety

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Phil Hanley, which specialises in cold storage and distribution, is specifying Labcraft Frigospot lighting as standard in all of its new trailers. The Newark-based company replaces its vehicles every five years and plans to have its entire fleet of 170 trailers fitted with the light.

The Frigospot is designed to provide a high level of bright white light for temperature-controlled vehicles. Unlike traditional fluorescent lights, which fail to perform in low temperatures, the Frigospot will operate in temperatures as low as -25°C.

David Furnival, fleet engineer at Phil Hanley, comments: “Labcraft compared the lighting levels of our old lights with the levels of the Frigospot and the difference was tremendous. We operate a 24-hour service from our cold stores in Grantham and Newark, and the Frigospot has not only increased the lighting levels within the trailers, but has also dramatically improved the safety for our workers when they are loading and unloading goods.”

Current Health & Safety guidelines state that the average level of illumination required for loading vehicles should be 50 lux, with a minimum reading of 20 lux.

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