More flexibility and improved sealing quality from latest packager

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Ilapak says its new series PC-controlled Vegatronic 2000 vertical, form, fill and seal packaging machine offers manufacturers greater packaging flexibility and improved sealing quality as well as a new, more robust, modular construction. The new series Vegatronic 2000 can produce a much wider range of pack styles including pillow packs, block bottom packs, stabile packs, three-sided sachets and Doy packs, giving manufacturers greater flexibility.

Vegatronic 2000 features a re-designed sealing jaw system with higher sealing jaw torque for enhanced seal quality, and an improved jaw drive for more precise sealing.

The machine’s other features include nip rollers with load cell for film tension control, a new design of film and drive mechanism and a 100 program memory with fault diagnostics software.

For further information, tel: 020 8797 2000.

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