expects to post major savings

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Royal Mail is providing warehousing, fulfilment and returns management for goods auctioned live on television for television auction company The contract is expected to generate significant cost savings for by efficiently managing the distribution of its productsfrom Royal Mail’s logistics operation in Swindon.

Royal Mail’s warehousing and fulfilment services have been tailored specifically to meet the needs of, taking into account the diversity of products offers its customers through live, interactive auctions. Products regularly auctioned by the company range from household goods to high-end jewellery and collectibles worth thousands of pounds.

Under the terms of the new agreement, is also using Royal Mail’s reverse logistics service, based in Swindon. The service uses proprietary technology, from Royal Mail’s partner Return Logistics, to track and assess any returned goods and ultimately recoup investment for on those products.

“There are many benefits to using Royal Mail’s logistics expertise, both in terms of cost savings and improved distribution management,” says Lee Brewster, logistics manager at “Not only do we have the peace of mind that our valuable goods are being dealt with by an experienced and trusted distributor, we can also house all our solutions under one roof.

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