Upgrading dock levellers within four hoursCombi picker/stacker offers quicker throughput

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The Still MX 15-3 VNA Combination Order Picker has been equipped with the new Optispeed system which enables the picker to work at the optimum operating speed for all height and load conditions.

Still says that in narrow aisle and high-lift warehouses it is necessary for safety to reduce the travel speed and braking forces as the truck raises the load. This is usually achieved by stage switching to reduce the maximum speed and braking effect in stages as the lift height increases.

Optispeed, as fitted to the MX 15-3 continuously monitors the mast height, both of the initial lift mast on the front of the diver’s cabin and also of the main lift mast. The information is used to compute the optimum safe driving speed and braking effect.

A major benefit of Optispeed, which offers smooth, jerk-free operating characteristics, is said to give a 20% overall productivity improvement over preceding models.

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