Sweep-Ex keeps things clean

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The most innovative, versatile and cost-effective way of sweeping up without using manual labour or an expensive rotary broom has been launched by Broadwood International. Called SweepEx, the state-of-the-art modular brush system offers commerce and industry the ideal tool for all sweeping functions in a spectrum of maintenance applications.

Easily attached to existing equipment such as skid-steers, forklifts, loader buckets, three-point hitches or pick-up trucks using an heavy duty mount, SweepEx has no moving parts, which means maintenance and downtime are practically non-existent. The compact design allows a powerful sweeping action both forwards and backwards allowing rapid, efficient and economical sweeping large areas.

Able to withstand the severest environments, SweepEx’s broom heads and mounting hardware are manufactured from industrial strength steel, with heavy-duty powder coat finish. The easily and quickly replaceable hi-grade polypropylene brush section has eleven rows of 30cm bristles for effective sweeping. Very robust, the brushes will provide around 450 miles of sweeping before they need changing.

Environmentally friendly, SweepEx brooms generate minimal dust, protecting the operator, machinery and the environment.

For further information, tel: 01794 38888.

Crawford Amber has developed an economic approach to upgrading obsolete and inefficient dock levellers. The new Unidock is a highly versatile adapter system that enables virtually any type or make of dock leveller to be replaced quickly and at a low cost. With Unidock, the old leveller is removed, but the existing frame and pit is retained. The Unidock adapter system, which can compensate for a wide range of pit

dimensions, is then fitted and a modern hydraulic dock leveller installed.

No building or construction work is needed and the entire process takes just four hours. Cost and disruption is kept to an absolute minimum and the new leveller simply operates from a mains supply.

The Unidock is available direct from Crawford Amber, which will even arrange for disposal of the redundant leveller.

For further information,

tel: 01782 599899.

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