Strategix in supply chain overhaul

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Arrow Distributors, which supplies electrical and gas appliances to the UK building industry, is overhauling its entire supply chain system to cater for its growing inventory, tracking, packing, and warehousing requirements.

Strategix, the European software house dedicated to the development and rapid deployment of supply chain software for value-added distributors and service providers, is implementing its OneOffice software to meet Arrow’s requirements. Initially, the company will integrate Arrow’s two different supply models within one technology environment.

Arrow operates on both a supply-only and supply and fit model, with 17 fitting teams, and more being recruited, undertaking an average of more than 300 fits a week which makes it essential to be able to track what needs to happen and when.

Tony Cassey, operations director at Arrow, says: “To maintain our position in this fiercely competitive market, we need to run as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Our current system is unable to support the level of integration we require to maintain, let alone increase, our operating levels. We are a results-driven company and aim to grow our business year on year and OneOffice is the system that is going to help us do it.”

OneOffice is a new generation of supply chain software that combines operations, finance, customer and event management in one innovative system. This seamless approach maintains a 360° real-time view of an organisation providing information as important events occur. Human intervention is automatically sought at critical junctures or if conditions unexpectedly change. This enables businesses to respond quickly and make informed decisions.

Past experience in the building supplies sector should mean that Strategix can be relied upon to deliver a well integrated supply chain system that gets the correct information to the relevant people at the right time – whether they be packing product on the warehouse floor, taking orders in the call centre, printing invoices in the finance department or fitting an oven at the installation site.

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