Active management for diesel stock control

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TNT Express UK, has completed a two year programme to install Merridale diesel fuel monitoring and electronic tank contents gauging equipment at all of its depots, using own-yard fuelling facilities. MIS fuel monitoring won the contract, following a thorough evaluation under competitive tender. A total of 49 sites have been upgraded making this one of the largest fleet-wide implementations of fuel management systems in the UK. Merridale equipment was selected by TNT because MIS were able to offer a total package solution, including the central fuel management software. This links to the TNT Engineering Group’s fleet management system, located at Atherstone, Warwickshire. In operation fuel dispensers are accessed by a smart key which is allocated to individual vehicles. The key automatically identifies the vehicle being refuelled and the driver is asked to enter the vehicle odometer reading. As an additional safeguard, the system checks that the elapsed mileage is correct before fuelling allowed to proceed. Details of the amount of fuel drawn are recorded and downloaded on a daily basis, to the Merridale FuelFX fuel management system. At the same time an electronic fuel dip update is taken, which together with the totals drawn from each site enables TNT to reconcile its in-house fuel stocks on a daily basis.

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