Wednesday 13th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

SA Systems purchases BIPP

Schoeller Arca Systems (SA Systems), has announced the purchase of Basic Industrial Plastic Pallets (BIPP).

Plastic pallets have been used in Europe for 25 years and make up 8% of the European pallet market. BIPP has an extensive range of over 100 products and includes; one-way export pallets, industrial pallets and heavy-duty hygienic pallets which are popular in the food and also pharmaceutical sectors.

Tim Ansell, managing director of Schoeller Arca Systems in the UK, says: “The technology and cost of plastic pallets means they have a significantly lower full life cost then their wooden counterparts. I am extremely pleased that the most complete range of plastic pallets is now available through us, making us the largest plastic pallet producer in the world.”