New device may end wheel nut loss

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Henley-on-Thames-based UPD (Marketing) has invented a device that indicates when a wheel nut is backing off and arrests further movement. The device, which was developed by the company’s managing director Geoff Knight, consists of a retaining ring with ten caps that fit over the wheel nuts – five for vans. Behind the retaining ring and attached to the caps are high-visibility indicators that appear in apertures corresponding to the nut, indicating it has backed off. They also lock the nut to stop it backing off further.
The unit is made from temperature-resistant nylons and plastics and the caps have a ‘plastic memory’ so even after 50 re-fits they are said to remain secure.
Knight said: “On the face of it, this system appears to be the perfect scenario as it not only encourages good maintenance and inspection procedures, it makes them very easy and uncomplicated. If you add to this the safety back-up of securing the rogue wheel nut the moment it starts to back off, you have a system that pleases both fleet managers and engineers alike.”
Knight says that his product has caught the eye of several logistics companies. Volvo and ERF have agreed to supply the product through their aftermarket and Truck & Trailer Component has agreed to be a super-factor for UPD’s full product range.

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