PalletFORCE invests in advanced weighing system

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PalletFORCE, one of the UK’s fastest growing palletised distribution networks, has invested in an advanced check-weighing system at its Lichfield hub.

Accurate weighing is vital to ensure the safe placement of pallets aboard the double-deck trailers commonly used by PalletFORCE’s members, as poor distribution can leave trailers prone to rollovers. Where previously forklift drivers had to use an educated guess as to the weight of a pallet, the new system allows them to place pallets based on factual information. Carl Worgan, operations director at PalletFORCE said: “Having a reliable guide to the weight of each pallet is a huge benefit to our hub operation in terms of safety and efficiency.” The system, which promises increased accuracy and safety for pallet loading, is supplied by one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of weighing equipment, Avery Weigh-Tronix. Although PalletFORCE trialed a number of systems, Avery’s was the only one robust enough to maintain efficiency ten months after being installed. “The Avery system has proved itself under demanding conditions, and we have been impressed with the support and advice received from the company.”
Similarly, with 5,500 pallets coming through the hub nightly, speed is paramount important as accuracy. The Avery system is capable of delivering accurate weight information within seconds, meaning that vehicle turnaround is not compromised by the weighing process.
Each forklift truck is fitted with an intelligent indicator and thermal printer, linked to the scales. The indicator delivers a wealth of operational data to PalletFORCE that can be used to measure efficiency, whilst the ability to provide a print-out configured to PalletFORCE’s requirements, including the weight and location of all pallets aboard the trailer, will help to simplify roadside checks.
The installation of the weighers is the first stage in an improvement process at the PalletFORCE hub, involving investment in state-of-the-art technology.

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