Michelin warns of counterfeit tyres

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One of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers, Michelin, is urging the European Commission to take action against a flood of counterfeit truck tyres, which it warns could threaten road safety.
Both it’s joint chief executives have written to Peter Mandelson, EU trade commissioner and Gunter Verheugen, commissioner for enterprise and industry, requesting an emergency meeting to tackle arrival of fake truck tyres, which are coming in largely from Asia. The group has also sent letters to 5,000 tyre distributors throughout Europe warning it will take legal action if it finds counterfeit truck tyres being sold under the Michelin brand.
Phillpe Verneuil, head of Michelin’s European truck tyre business said: “We are very concerned not to have these tyres on the road.” He warned that the counterfeiters were attempting to take advantage of the pressures on truck operators to cut costs given high petrol prices. Michelin has already launched legal action against distributors in the US and also in China, who were found to be selling counterfeit products. He said: “Purchasers need to be very careful about appearances. The performance of the tyre is not just the tread but the architecture and the materials that are used.”

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