Supply Chain Risk Management

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Cranfield School of Management has launched a Supply Chain Risk Forum in response to global events such as; 9/11, the foot and mouth outbreak and hurricane Katrina, which have all impacted on organisations and global supply chains.

The focus of the forum’s activity is applied research into all forms of Supply Chain Risk, with a view to providing practicing managers and policy makers with the tools and concepts necessary to enable them to improve Supply Chain Resilience in the face of disasters and similar events. The forum, which is sponsored by various companies, organisations and the Ministry of Defence, is chaired by Dr Richard Wilding who’s record in supply chain risk management goes back many years.

Professor Martin Christopher, chairman of the Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Cranfield says: “Trends including the rapid growth in global sourcing and offshore manufacturing; the continued move to reduce the supplier base; industry consolidation and the centralisation of distribution all change the risk profile of supply chains and businesses. Supply Chain Risk Management is now a priority on many CEOs’ agendas. Cranfield is well placed to support industry through our research, and Professor Wilding’s appointment will further strengthen our team”.

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