Freightliner adds Doncaster to its network

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Freightliner, the rail logistics specialist, has announced the addition of Doncaster to its UK network.

Services will include a new daily service from Felixstowe to commence on Monday 19th December 2005. The decision to add this service comes in response to demand across the whole Freightliner customer base who are attracted by the high concentration of distribution centres in and around the Doncaster area.

The service will make Doncaster the 13th location served by Freightliner, over 19 different services. The addition of Doncaster to existing services will bring the volume carried by Freightliner to and from Felixstowe to an average of over 1200 containers per day. This is around 85 per cent of all rail volume forwarded.

Freightliner network of services and inland terminals forms an integral part of the supply chain offered within the Port of Felixstowe and Freightliner are committed to continue to grow in strength to support the whole range of customers that use the Port’s facilities.

Peter Maybury, managing director of Freightliner Intermodal, said: “The launch of this new service highlights Freightliner’s commitment to meeting all of its customers’ rail freight requirements, and should put us in an even stronger position to provide the highest level of service to our clients.”

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