Jungheinrich expands its line of reach trucks

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Jungheinrich has introduced a new efficient electric reach truck, designed specifically for high lifting in confined spaces. Jungheinrich says that the new ETV C20 workhorse is ideal both for moving pallets and continuous racking on single or multiple shifts.
Jungheinrich point out that with its compact dimensions and Reach Mast feature, the ETV C20 is a natural for working narrow aisle widths (down to 9.3 ft.). What’s more, it can lift loads of up to 4,400 lbs to heights up to 24.3 ft and both its mast tilt and optional fork side-shift features can enhance fork maneuverability while the vehicle is stacking or accessing loads.

The heart of the truck is its proprietary 3-phase AC motor technology, providing power for travel, lift, steering and braking. Jungheinrich says that it discovered years ago that three-phase AC offers significant advantages over traditional direct current shunt-wound motors. For example, it enables strong acceleration and eliminates hesitation shifting into reverse. And with no carbon brushes to wear, an AC motor is essentially maintenance-free, keeping the vehicle operational longer. In addition, the truck reclaims its kinetic energy during braking and stores it back in the battery; as a result, much less time is wasted on recharging stops.

The ETV’s SOLO-PILOT feature groups all essential controls in one location, including those for load lifting and lowering, travel direction, horn and the optional fork side-shift. Mast reach and mast tilt are controlled by two separate levers, and the LISA liquid crystal display constantly informs the operator of all key system functions in one easy-to-see console.

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