London Loading/Unloading Code of Practice launched

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The new London Loading/Unloading Code of Practice has been launched today (12 January 2006) to promote best practice amongst businesses, local authorities and parking enforcement contractors.

The Code suggests effective solutions where loading/unloading is an ongoing problem. It sets out guidelines into three sections for; delivery staff, for parking attendants, and for traffic authorities. The Principles include adopting common standards and approaches throughout the capital, understanding and respecting each other’s situation and job. 

Louisa Perry, secretary to the Stakeholder Group said: “Commercial vehicles are the life blood of London’s economy, and with limited road space it can often be very difficult to load and unload. This Code of Practice aims to help reduce the burden of Penalty Charge Notices (PCN), and appealing against them, for all and improve the situation on the street.” She went on to say that the Stakeholder Group was formed a year ago in order to try and address what has been a critical concern to business and industry for some years now.

PCN levels have risen sharply and it was agreed that a co-ordinated effort to develop a specific Code of Practice for delivery staff, parking attendants, managers and traffic authorities needed to be developed. She said that the launch is just the beginning of the story. In order for the Code to deliver real improvements on the ground, the document will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure it is still relevant and helpful and an initial review is planned for six months time.

The Code has been jointly developed by a wide range of stakeholders including Brewery Logistics Group, CBI, Central London Partnership, FTA, London Chambers of Commerce, London First and Tradeteam.

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