The true cost of implementing Euro 4/5

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IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers) a sector of the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE),  will be holding an open forum to consider the true cost of implementing the new Euro 4/5 emissions regulations.

On 1 October the Euro 3 standard will cease to apply and all commercial vehicles will have to meet the more stringent Euro 4 standard.
In 2008 Euro 4 will be superseded by Euro 5. However for those who use the German roads there is already a reduction in tolls for vehicles that meet the Euro 5 standard. In the future the trend to give discounts to cleaner vehicles, or penalties to those, which do not meet a certain standard, is likely to increase with projects such as the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

With the new regulations fast approaching, and due to the fact that they will have an impact over the whole life of a vehicle, which is still to be fully understood, SOE has arranged an Open Forum. The forum will be considering the true cost of implementation, with presentations from advocates of EGR and SCR technologies with open debate and discussion concerning the pressing issues.

Dave Cussans of MAN ERF UK, Phil Moon of DAF Trucks and Paul Norman from AdBlue along with other knowledgeable parties will form the discussion panel.

The event is free and to be held at Mary Sumner House 24 Tufton St, Westminster, London, SW1P 3RB on 15th February from 2pm till 4:30pm.

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