Jigsaw juggles its pieces

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Jigsaw Solutions, contract logistics provider, is planning to restructure its business format, following its expected breakthrough of the £20m turnover threshold from its seven current customers.

Jigsaw Solutions, launched in 2002, has quickly become established as a leading player in the UK contract logistics marketplace, providing national and commercially flexible managed transport solutions.

Accordingly, the partner haulier base has been expanded to ten companies, with original members A.M.Widdowson, F.Swain, C.M.Downton, Currie European, Macfarlane Transport, Pollock Scotrans and Elddis Transport (Consett) now being joined by S&R Smith & Son Transport, Sparks Transport and Bartrums Transport.

Jigsaw’s founder and managing director, Paul Smith, said: “This development formalises arrangements with these three companies that have been in place some time now. They have all become integral to our service offering, and are very much part of our plans for the future. This expands our capacity, brings even greater regional focus and further strengthens our mission to build a business that allows quality privately owned businesses to compete with, and expose as smoke and mirrors, the 4PL product offering as it is exists for those customers seeking purely a UK transport solution.” At the same time, Jigsaw has realigned the management and shareholding structure of the business. The Jigsaw Solutions board now comprises the Managing Director from each of A.M.Widdowson, F.Swain, C.M.Downton, Currie European and Labyrinth Solutions.

Smith said: “All businesses evolve, and we are all delighted that our success has caused us to revisit these structural matters so soon. These new arrangements suit everyone – and all ten hauliers will continue to contribute operationally.”

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