eCourier cuts delivery times by 33 per cent

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eCourier has reduced its Central London pickup and delivery times by 33 per cent, after fitting its entire fleet of vehicles with O2’s Xda II and GPS modules.

The system works by communicating each unit’s location and availability back to a main server every 10 seconds and an auto-allocation then uses this data, along with live weather, traffic and demand information, to select the best-placed courier for each delivery.

“O2’s scaleable mobile tracking facility has removed the limitations of human controllers who typically have to allocate couriers via a radio network, with little or no real-time fleet information,” says Jay Bregman, eCourier co-founder and chief technical officer. “The potential for future growth is exponential. Unlike traditional courier companies who experience a drop in profit margins our margins grows as we grow. We anticipate a margin some 40 times higher than the current market leader when we reach their size.”

“This is hugely significant if you consider that the largest London courier company only has a 5 per cent market share due to the size and limitations of the infrastructure needed to manage the size of their fleet.”

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