First mail for Target

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Target Express has completed the first commercial mailing through its new postal service, Target Post. Shortly after Royal Mail’s monopoly on the UK postal market was officially ended in January, Target Post completed a mailing of 5,500 pieces for its launch customer Lloyd James Direct Mail.

Stuart King, operations manager at Lloyd James Direct Mail said: “Using Target Post offers us a range of benefits; not only does it provide better value for money, but Target’s service levels and IT infrastructure hold it ahead of the competition.

“The first mailing has gone very well, with no problems at all. The next step in our relationship with Target is to encourage our customers to use Target Post for their own direct mailing projects.”

Whereas previous postal systems have required three individual postmarks to specify first, second and third class priority, Target Post uses only one unique indicia; a pre-printed postmark that allows items to be visually identified as Target Post mail. The client then states the priority of each mailing upon collection, which offers increased efficiency and flexibility.

King said: “It is a basic but very beneficial element to only use one indicia, as it means there is only one type of envelope, and one PPI mark for all grades of post. Sorting is also more efficient through Target Post, as all their mail is sorted within two days, whereas previously it could take up to nine days for lower priority mail.”

Loading bay architecture played an important role in the choice of forklift truck at United Wholesale in Scotland. When choosing trucks to handle goods-out, United found that because of a clearance height of only two metres, it needed a forklift capable of working long shifts and moving around the height restricted bay. It chose Toyota’s 7FBEF with AC power system, high capacity 48 volt battery and using a Toyota three stage mast. Four Toyota 6FBRE reach trucks are also used in the warehouse.

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