Are you sitting comfortably?

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Toyota Industrial Equipment has redeveloped the ergonomic standards of its four-wheeled engine and electric counter-balanced forklifts.

Key developments to the products include new sophisticated, user-friendly mini-levers, positioned on a comfortable armrest linked to the seat. The position of the mini-levers, which come as standard on the counter-balanced range and is an option on the 7IC, helps eliminate driver strain that might otherwise be caused by reaching out to these functions elsewhere on the truck.

Toyota says that it has redeveloped the design of its 7FBMF and 7IC ranges to ensure customers benefit from even greater levels of productivity, safety and operator efficiency.
Advanced technology on the electric forklifts will result in superior acceleration and braking as well as excellent speed control when transporting loads down a slope. The 7FBMF also has an in-built system which ensures the truck will not roll up or down a gradient when the accelerator is released.

Safety is further improved with Operator Presence Sensing (OPS), which ensures that no functions can operate until the driver is fully seated.

In addition to technological improvements, Toyota has made changes to the 7FBMF’s design including a reshaped battery hood and bonnet, plus a more rounded counterweight to give a contemporary, sleek look to the forklift.

David Moore, national customer and sales support manager at Toyota Industrial Equipment (UK) said: “As environmental demands see the popularity of the electric forklift continue to grow, Toyota is constantly innovating to ensure ever increasing customer satisfaction.”

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