Siphoning success

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Fowler Welch Coolchain has equipped its entire fleet with the new “Easy-Fit Float Chamber” fuel anti-siphon device from TISS Trailer Security.

Fowler Welch Coolchain’s national fleet manager, Robert Oliphant said: “Upon fitting the TISS anti-siphon, we were very pleased to see an almost immediate improvement on the vehicles’ MPG performances”.

The system has a “Float Chamber” which is the only anti-siphon available that prevents any fuel being siphoned from the tank even if it is completely full. The device works because the float valve allows fuel to flow in but does not allow siphoning out as the valve locks off when the tank is full.

Oliphant adds: “We found the device easy to fit… and are now achieving significant fuel savings across the total vehicle fleet”.

TISS says that 2006 has already seen a big rise in demand for the system, with record numbers of anti-siphons sold to companies including; Exel, Christian Salvesen and James Nuttall. These include sales of TISS’s new “Standard EasyFit” anti-siphon which is the shortest anti-siphon device on the market and can be fitted in less than one minute.

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