TNT Newsfast upgrades its expanding fleet

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TNT Newsfast, incorporating TNT Network Logistics, has taken delivery of 327 new vehicles as it continues to invest in its expanding business.

A number of recent contract wins including; Charles Wells brewers, Oxford Stationery and Wrigleys as well as the work for TNT Mail, as allowed the company to invest heavily in expansion. “We keep winning new contracts for our shared-user business so we need to add new vehicles to the fleet,” says David Bermingham, managing director.

TNT Newsfast says that the last batch of the new vehicles, totalling 188, have been fitted with the Masternaut vehicle tracking system which will feature on all new vehicle purchases over the next few years. Bermingham said that: “There is nothing more time-sensitive than newspapers. The publishers have only one chance to sell a daily newspaper. We deliver from the printers to the wholesalers every night and, through Masternaut, we will ultimately geo-fence every route. This means the wholesalers can be automatically alerted when the vehicle is a set time away and can ensure their staff are ready to unload as soon as it arrives.”

The vehicles comprising the 800 fleet, consist of 44 tonne tractor units from MAN, Mercedes and Scania, and 18 tonne rigids from MAN and DAF.

“Many of the vehicles are double-shifted, delivering newspapers at night and magazines and FMCG products during the day,” explains Bermingham. “Also, with the newspapers, we are running at maximum weight.”

TNT Newsfast was established in 1986 for the delivery of newspapers and then magazines, and through TNT Network Logistics, expanded its business into stationery, packaging and books. With the acquisition of Taylor Barnard in 2000, the growth of the FMCG business for both manufacturers and importers and for the major supermarkets, increased substantially.

“We know that if we can continue to satisfy the tough demands of both the newspaper publishers and the supermarket chains, we can operate an efficient, time-sensitive supply chain for anyone.”

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