Forklift of the future

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Intermec and Cascade are working together to create a RFID forklift concept, which they hope will enhance warehouse productivity and efficiency.

Intermec says: “In the emerging world of RFID-enabled inventory tracking, the forklift can become a powerful supply-chain information tool.”

The new prototype incorporates Gen2 technology built into a forklift’s infrastructure, replacing the sometimes cumbersome and relatively inefficient ‘bolt-on’ approach to data collection.

Forklifts envisaged by Cascade and Intermec incorporate powerful dashboard computers positioned for maximum safety and efficiency, easy-to-reach RFID controls assimilated into the lift’s control mechanisms, wireless real-time location tracking and navigational LEDs for optimal routeing, and easy-to-adjust RFID readers designed into the frame of forklift attachments for flexible and accurate use with a wide range of goods and supplies.

The system, which is designed specifically for the rugged environment of daily warehouse use, also engineers in a cable management system, wireless scanning capabilities and a built-in camera for cargo documentation.

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