TNT staff launch ‘Fair deal’ campaign

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Two international trade union organisations have launched a campaign to ensure that TNT workers do not suffer when the company sells off its logistics business.

Global Unions the ITF and UNI (Union Network International) are backing the 36,000 TNT workers affected in their plea to the company not to forget them. They want TNT to make compliance with their current negotiated pay, job security, and working and collective bargaining arrangements a condition of the sale to any new buyer.

The ‘Justice at TNT’ campaign will mobilise TNT employees worldwide to put their concerns to management.

Stuart Howard, ITF Assistant general secretary, said: “These 36,000 workers have helped put TNT virtually at the top of the hugely competitive logistics market. They’re not asking for a share of the profits from the sale of the business – just that their lives and jobs aren’t forgotten when it happens.”

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