Launches galore at truck show

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The Birmingham Commercial Vehicle Show this week saw a host of new truck launches as manufacturers updated their product ranges to meet the Euro 4 environmental legislation that comes into force in October.

All the manufacturers have had to develop new engines to meet the Euro 4 standard. Mercedes, DAF, Iveco, Renault and Volvo have all gone down the SCR route which involves squirting urea into the exhaust to neutralise the harmful gases. MAN and Scania have chosen the EGR route which focuses on making the engine run cleaner. And with the Chancellor making noises about the possibility of offering discounts for Euro 5 engines, some manufacturers were promoting their Euro 5 offerings as well.

DAF showed its renewed LF and CF ranges. The LF range of six to 18 tonners has an optimised chassis layout and modernised interior. It is available with Euro 4 engines and an automated AS-Tronic gearboxes. The CF range is available with Euro 4 or Euro 5 engines as well as the AS-Tronic gearbox.

Renault had two new distribution trucks on display: the Premium Distribution tractor unit with a new cab, chassis and driveline; and the Midlum rigid which also has a new cab, chassis and driveline.

Iveco used the opportunity to launch its new Eurocargo range of seven to 18 tonners which is available in both Euro 4 and Euro 5 versions. It also had Euro 4 and 5 versions of its Stralis tractor unit.

MAN focused on the benefits its Euro 4 EGR engine arguing that it was a lot simpler for operators as they would not have to worry about buying and storing AdBlue. It also announced that its TipMatic automatic gearbox will be fitted as standard to all its Euro 4 trucks from 77.5 tonnes right up to 44 tonnes.

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