Nissan launches new three-wheelers

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Nissan has launched its new TX Syncro range of three-wheeled forklifts. The Syncro gives instant straight like travel by automatically returning the truck’s steering wheel spinner knob to the correct driving position for forward and reversing operations. The range also has a double rear wheel as standard for additional stability.

The AC-powered model is the first all-new electric lift truck from Nissan since the launch of its range of warehouse products in 2005 – a 30-strong series of reach trucks, pallet transporters, stackers and order pickers.

The TX Syncro is designed to bridge the gap between Nissan’s warehouse equipment and its standard four-wheel counterbalanced trucks, with a range extending to five versions and in six capacities from 1.25 to 2.0 tonnes. Compact, Standard and High Performance options add to the handling versatility of the new series.

With angle sensors and powered steering, the Nissan Syncro system always returns the steering knob to the same pre-selected position for straight line travel, forward or reverse, giving safer and more productive operation. At slow speeds, the operator can also see the angle of the rear steer wheels at a glance through a display on the truck’s instrument panel.

Nissan’s Risk Reduction System is designed to create a cabin space that provides the best all-round visibility and which incorporates dedicated controls to ensure optimum secure operation.

Safety features include a mast lock system which prevents the forks from being lowered or the mast from being tilted when the operator has left the seat. The system also automatically restricts travel speeds and acceleration when the truck is turning, and reduces lift speeds at high rates of truck travel.

The wedge-shaped design of the Nissan TX Syncro’s chassis ensures manoeuvrability for the truck.

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