Green objectives helped by new electric Hyster range

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Hyster has unveiled a new range of 10-18 tonne lift capacity trucks that are available with an electric drivetrain.

The new Hyster J10-18XD lift trucks lift up to 18 tonnes and feature lithium-ion battery packs providing full power and acceleration, comparable to a diesel forklift but with no emissions.

“This is a breakthrough for businesses in heavy industry that are keen to achieve green objectives in factories, warehouses and yards,” commented Jan-Willem van den Brand, Director Global Market Development, Big Trucks, for Hyster. “With support from Hyster, the transition to clean electric power is now simpler than ever and comes with no compromise on performance or efficiency.

“Operations undertaking tough tasks in demanding industries, such as those typically found in timber, metals, and construction applications, can rely on these new electric forklifts inside and outside, for ICE-like performance across one, two or three shifts, alongside the convenience of opportunity charging,” Van den Brand continues.

The new Big Trucks are also intelligently designed to prevent overheating, uniquely combining liquid cooled motors and inverters with 350V lithium-ion batteries. The high voltage and low current system featured in the new trucks not only greatly reduces heat development, but also incorporates specially designed water-cooled motors and drive controllers to further prevent heat build-up. Battery monitoring systems also help to control under and overcharging.

“Regardless of if the truck is used for periodic or continuous operation, you can drive these trucks like a diesel,” added Van den Brand, explaining that as with an IC-powered Hyster Big Truck, the new electric models provide exceptional traction power, acceleration and drawbar pull.

However, matched with the right application and operating intensity, the Hyster J10-18XD lift trucks may also help operations to reduce the total vost of ownership.

“With less time needed for charging, a wide range of applications can benefit from greater truck availability,” said Van den Brand. “Operations with two or three shift operations can easily top up the charge, preventing the need for battery exchange and a separate charging room. As the battery and electric motor are maintenance free this also helps reduce costs, further contributing to a low total cost of ownership.”

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