Europa Road invests in safety innovation at Transit Hub

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Europa Road is further investing in safety at its Dartford transit hub by installing technology to monitor the health of its racking.

The company has installed new intelligent technology across all 10,000 of the rack bays in its busy transit warehouse in Dartford, Kent.

The new RackEye system, produced by A-SAFE, monitors the health of racking and provides real-time forklift truck (FLT) impact notifications. The system monitors racking infrastructure with intelligent sensors fitted to the legs of racking. If impact is detected, the system will pinpoint the affected rack and send an immediate SMS to the warehouse management team. This allows them to assess possible damage immediately and take remedial action.

Europa’s Dartford transit hub processes a constant stream of inbound and outbound international groupage freight consignments between the UK and mainland Europe.

The new system’s dashboard provides detailed insight into historical impact trends, allowing users to identify impact hotspots across multiple locations, target predictive maintenance activities and address warehouse layout problems. The system can lead to a substantial reduction in rack impacts and positive changes in driver behaviour.

“We have 35 counterbalance trucks, five reach trucks and two scissor lifts in operation, with a fast movement of customer consignments our 10,000 rack spaces are in almost constant use,” commented Rob Yates, Europa’s Transit Warehouse Manager. “With the fast turnaround time of goods and so many daily vehicle movements, the risk of impact damage is high – but rare. This system also enables us to monitor any trends and potential areas where damage is occurring and helps us to proactive and apply any changes, we need to make to ensure the safety of the team, which is our number one priority. In a fast-paced environment this system provides us with another layer of safety, so that we can act and respond quickly.”

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