Saturday 16th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Mike Beer Transport looks forward to Euro 5

Mike Beer Transport has ordered four Euro 5 compliant Volvo FH-460 6×2 tractor units with SCR technology. The warehouse and pallet distributor said that the decision to leapfrog Euro 4 was taken because Euro 5 “represents the leading edge in emissions compliance…”

Managing director, Mike Beer, said: “We have always been a forward thinking company. We do not sit back and wait to see what other people are doing. We have always preferred to weigh up the options ourselves, make a decision and get on with the job. In that sense, we have confidence that SCR and AdBlue are the way to go. We also believe that Euro 5 will hold the advantage over Euro 4 in terms of fuel consumption and we are fully prepared to handle AdBlue.”

The Dover-based company is planning to install a 5,000 litre AdBlue dispenser.