TIF list is wish list

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The Freight Transport Association has welcomed the new Transport Investment Fund (TIF) scheme from the DfT, however it warned that it does not go far enough.

The FTA says that the road widening schemes will allow for additional freight capacity, and will assist in reducing road and rail congestion and to contain industry costs however; it said “real investment” needed to be made “substantially and quickly.”

FTA’s chief economist, Simon Chapman, said: “The TIF wish list of runners and riders contains no surprises and duplicates FTA’s target trade routes, the essential road and rail infrastructure needed to keep UK industry on the move. Despite this, all will now require time consuming value-for-money appraisals and, at best, the chances are that we will not see any real money before 2008/9.”

Derrick Potter, chairman of The Potter Group welcomed the inclusion of six rail freight schemes around the country helping relieve capacity at key rail pinch points.

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