At a loss over fuel?

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Transport companies are at a loss over complex regulations and rising fuel prices, with many claiming that they do not know what to do, according to a survey commissioned by Keyfuels.

The independent study surveyed more than 200 companies over the first half of 2006, to assess the impact of oil prices on fuel decision making and to find out what effect increased EU regulations are having on businesses.

Sixty per cent of respondents reported mixed feelings over the Euro IV, Working Time Directive and digital tachograph regulations.

In a twist, 40 per cent said the new regulations had made no impact on their business, while more than half of all respondents said that the rising cost of business – especially fuel costs – was their number one challenge.

Simon Clifford, sales and marketing director at Keyfuels, adds: “The findings confirm our suspicions that although fuel prices dominate the front pages and tax the transport managers, there is very little appetite from board level to do anything about it.”

“Those who claim they cannot do anything about fuel prices, or have no measures in place, are typical of the industry that simply does not know what to do for the best.”

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