New transport guidelines unveiled

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Plans to overhaul the UK’s civil parking enforcement system, have been unveiled by Transport Secretary, Douglas Alexander.

In a breath of fresh air for urban distribution, the draft guidelines want local authorities to use parking enforcement powers to keep the traffic flowing and not to raise money.

Secretary of State for Transport, Douglas Alexander said: “The government is determined to see a parking system that is fairer and more consistent. These proposals are a significant stride towards achieving that goal. We have listened to motorists and it is clear that the current system needs to be improved.

“Taken together, the proposals in this draft guidance will strengthen the system of civil parking enforcement and help local authorities tackle local congestion and keep the traffic moving.”

Highlights of the government’s draft advice, which goes to public consultation today, include: wheel clamping only for persistent parking penalty evaders, published policies and reports from local authorities, dedicated training for those administering civil parking enforcement, a better appeals process – with a penalty charge discount reoffered after an informal challenge, extra powers being given to the independent adjudicators to intervene where procedures have not been followed properly and a regular review of parking policies.


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