Take up the Transaid Challenge

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Transaid has launched an online computer game, aimed at raising awareness of the transport challenges faced by health workers in Africa.

‘The Transaid Challenge’ is sponsored by Barclays transport and logistics team and puts the player in the driving seat of a four-wheel drive health service vehicle, charged with the task of delivering services and supplies to remote African villages.

Drivers must complete as many deliveries as possible before they run out of fuel or damage their vehicle beyond repair, finding the best route and avoiding potholes, abandoned cars and overloaded trucks.

Caroline Beaumont, Transaid’s head of marketing, said: “The game is fun to play and very addictive, but it does have a serious message. Health workers must be skilled drivers, plan their routes carefully and take good care of their vehicles. Every time a player completes a delivery over the difficult and dangerous terrain, this represents people reached with essential medical care which they would otherwise have had no way of getting.”

The game can be found on Transaid’s new website www.transaid.org.

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