New air cargo restrictions might become permanent

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Air cargo capacity could be reduced if the new restrictions on passenger hand luggage become permanent. Although the current airport security threat has been downgraded from “crisis” to “severe”, there is still concern over the effect that this will have on the amount of belly hold cargo an aeroplane will be able to carry.

A spokesman for The Department for Transport confirmed that the restrictions on passenger luggage were “directly related to the current security threat level,” and said that as yet, the DfT could not confirm whether the new restrictions would become permanent or not.

Karen Kerslake, of Virgin said: “Its too early to say in percentage terms how the new regulations will affect us financially. Obviously revenues will be affected due to the slight reduction in cargo capacity, however we are doing everything we can to maximise cargo uplift where possible, so the impact to the bottom line will hopefully be minimal from a cargo perspective.”

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