Perishables Centre Heathrow resumes normal operations

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Christian Salvesen has confirmed that its operation at World Perishables Centre Heathrow “is returning to normal”, following Thursday’s disruption which was caused by widespread security alerts and the introduction of new screening methods for passengers.

Matt George, the general manager of Aviation Logistics at Christian Salvesen, said: “An average morning sees about 300 tonnes of perishable fruit, vegetables and fish landing at Heathrow and the back up of incoming flights yesterday led to significant delays with incoming cargo sitting in aircraft on the Tarmac waiting to off load.

“After a number of hours delay, freight met its onward distribution point only a few hours late. We were able to make up time within the supply chain process and help get product to retailers, with only minor disruption.

He went on to say: “A small amount of disruption is expected over the next few days as the airlines re-position aircraft around the world, though the majority of long haul flights were landing this morning as per a normal schedule. Heathrow cargo lead times are also back to their normal fast turnaround this morning.”

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