Volvo sees 3 per cent drop in sales

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Sales of Volvo Trucks decreased by 3 per cent between January and July 2006, from 62,141 to 60,068 in 2005. Volvo said that the reduction relates mainly to lower delivery volumes to Iran.

A spokesman said that this was due to a large number of deliveries last year and a tendency to bulk order. Volvo sold some 10,000 trucks to Iran in 2005.

In Western and Eastern Europe, deliveries of trucks increased by 10 per cent to 27,996. In the USA, Volvo saw an increase of 20 per cent, with 18,897 vehicles delivered from 15,686 in 2005. In Asia, excluding the Middle East, Volvo reported an increase of 2 per cent with deliveries totalling 2,095 trucks.

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