UK Mail makes a one-in-a-billion delivery

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UK Mail, a part of the Business Post Group, has delivered its one billionth mail item.

UK Mail began trading in May 2004, with its first customer Powergen. Subsequently the billionth letter was presented to Powergen’s Graham Hunt, by UK Mail’s managing director, Steve Patrick.

UK Mail has been expanding its unsorted mail services in the last nine months with the latest letter sorting equipment in sites at; Runcorn, Edinburgh, Leeds, Birmingham, Greenford and Croydon.

Patrick said: “UK Mail’s continued and rising investment in new sort centres has extended postal choice to thousands and thousands of businesses of varying sizes across the UK. UK Mail intends to continue this programme of expansion over the next twelve months. Based on current volumes, which equate to well over one billion a year, UK’s Mail celebration of its second billion is fast approaching.”

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