Beaumont to stay on at BIFA

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Colin Beaumont has decided to stay on as director-general of the British International Freight Association.

He planned to retire in August 2006, but is now staying at the helm for the rest of the year.

He said: “The end of this year was my original target date but this has had to be extended into next year so I remain at the helm with Robert Keen, John O’Connell and Chris Starn proving the key industry supporting roles.”

Quentin Rappoport who was due to take over the position resigned the position for personal reasons.

Robert Keen has been made a director of BIFA and continues as general manager, a position he has held for seven years.

BIFA’s national chairman, Doug Overett, said: “Quentin’s departure may surprise some both within BIFA and outside the Association, and we wish him well in the future. We are pleased that Colin, who has made a major contribution as Director General, is prepared to delay his retirement.”

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