Universal trailer deal

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TIP has concluded a series of deals involving a “universal trailer” concept with Norfolkline the multi-modal road, rail and sea logistics provider. Norfolkline has just taken delivery of more than 290 such trailers for use in its operations in Sweden, UK and the Netherlands. These include Huckepack and Mega curtain-sided trailers and also a lightweight version of an insulated box van.

The “universal trailer” concept was formulated during 2005. TIP and Norfolkline took steps to devise generic trailer designs that could be universal throughout Norfolkline’s theatres of operation.

Such trailers would be an advantage to Norfolkline and TIP as they could be operated and registered in all of Western Europe. Common parts and the universal nature of the trailers would give greater flexibility in their use, ease of repair and overall cost reductions.


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