Roller track right for Argos

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Last year, Argos installed Flowstore’s DuraFlow modular multi-wheel roller track system at its Lutterworth warehouse.

After launching the Argos Direct online delivery service, the retailer experienced a lot of growth and its 670 stores were offering more than 17,000 lines.

Argos moved its high value products from a mezzanine floor to a caged-off secure area within the warehouse to maximise use of floor space and pick locations.

Argos had previously used live storage.

Using the new DuraFlow pre-assembled, modular wheel system, Argos was able to convert its existing pallet racking to a carton flow rack.

Argos facilities manager Roy Siggery says: “In comparing live store products, DuraFlow was the only modular unit fitted with wide wheels, providing a densely packed dynamic bed for ultimate handling flexibility.

“Virtually all carton variations can be accommodated without the need for track and guide re-configuration, so inventory change can be easily managed.

“In trials, Duraflow was most compatible in meeting our flexible storage needs and even at very low gradients, products ran smoothly and true from loading to pick face,” says Siggery.

One benefit was that the DuraFlow multi-wheel track sections come pre-assembled and could be installed quickly.

Flowstore assembled it in two days with three installers to fit the system on 260 shelf levels.

“I was most impressed by the quality and the speed in which this flow rack system can be fitted. A shelf consisting of five to seven tracks hooked over existing rack beams can be installed in less than 10 minutes.”

The move has resulted in increased warehousing capacity, better inventory of stock and has provided some 1,600 pick locations.

He says “Having reduced walking distances and with sequential picking, this will result in order picking efficiencies improving up to 10 per cent.”

l BCA, a mail order book retailer, has asked Flowstore to reconfigure and extend its carton live storage system which Flowstore installed 20 years ago for Leisure Circle.

BCA, a subsidiary of Bertelsmann, recently streamlined its Swindon operation which involved adding two new pick lines and upgrading its existing racking.

Flowstore installed 75 new LS2 live storage bays, each with five flow shelf pick levels giving 1800 new pick locations.

“Books run in stacks directly on the rollers, with very little use of the outer cartons. This can only be achieved with low friction, free-running roller tracks allowing for smooth transport of books from the loading face to the order pick face,” says Flowstore.

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