Paragon and Isotrak in total link-up

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Paragon Software Systems and Isotrak have come together to produce a complete fleet management package.

The Total Transport System (TTS) is aimed at companies with fleets of over 100 vehicles and offers a system that is fully integrated and can optimise delivery plans in real-time and respond to changes as and when they occur. The system is already involved in a pilot scheme with an at present undisclosed FTSE 100 company.

TTS works on a single platform. It is managed on a hosted system and automatically optimises delivery plans in response to delays, bad weather, driver sickness, traffic congestion and so on.

“Fleet visibility and associated alerts provide warnings, but no recovery suggestions. Up to now, tracking solutions have lacked the routeing, scheduling and optimisation intelligence behind the original plan,” say Paragon and Isotrak.

Paragon managing director Will Salter says: “The integration of transport planning, optimisation, execution and management has long been a holy grail for companies looking to keep control of costs and service as the day unfolds.

“TTS’s ability to re-optimise resource allocation translates into a fantastic commercial advantage for medium and large delivery fleet operators,” says Salter.


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