NFT picks Trafficlink

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NFT Distribution is use Trafficlink’s real-time travel information service to manage its transport and logistics operations. The service is available to NFT’s drivers and logistics managers via a TV screen connected to the internet and allows the company to identify and avoid congestion spots, ensuring that its clients, including all major retailers, receive their chilled grocery deliveries in the quickest time possible.
NFT, whose mission statement is to be the market leader in the provision of time-critical logistics services, makes use of the Trafficlink information system at its headquarters in Alfreton, Derbyshire and at its depots across the UK.
“Trafficlink’s services allow us to identify and plan around major traffic incidents. They also allow us to warn our drivers of hold-ups both before and after they have started their journeys,” said customer liaison manager Nigel Topham.
Trafficlink supplies real time traffic and travel information to the BBC, UK commercial radio, GMTV, government and the Highways Agency, reaching in excess of 40 million people each week. In addition, Trafficlink offers an innovative solution to the growing cost of travel disruption, giving businesses access to up-to-the- minute traffic and travel information from any plasma, TV or PC screen in the office.

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