Mobile platform for containers

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Transdek UK has produced a mobile lifting platform that can be used to load and unload double-stacked containers, allowing customers such as multiple retailers to increase their external storage capacity at lower cost.

The equipment consists of a tubular steel frame with wheels on each corner that can be lowered to the ground when it needs to be moved, either by staff or a fork lift truck. Once located against a pair of containers, the wheels are retracted and straps are attached to hold it firmly in position.

The platform, which measures 2.4 metres wide x two metres deep, has a load capacity of two tonnes and a maximum lift height of three metres.

On-board controls allow it to be raised and lowered by staff while they stand on it, while frames at the side and a portcullis at the rear ensure safe working conditions.

A full-width one-metre-long hydraulically powered bridge plate with extendable safety gates provides safe access to the upper container.

The equipment can also be used to load and unload double-deck trailers of all types, again increasing the efficiency of logistics operations.

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