French retailer picks Manhattan WMS

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Kiabi, the French value-clothing retailer, has rolled out Manhattan’s Warehouse Management for Open Systems across its distribution centres at Mâcon, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Dourges and Madrid in Spain. It is now focusing on a fifth stage of its European-wide deployment of Manhattan’s system at 24,000 sq m distribution centre at Tournai in Belgium.

Kiabi employs 6,000 staff and fulfils more than 40,000 store orders every year. These orders amount to 95 million individual items and are bought by customers in more than 160 stores across France, Spain, Italy and in the Middle East, as well as through its web site.

Each of its five distribution centres across France, Belgium and Spain handles a specific product range enabling the multi-channel retailer to meet the supply requirements of both its store and on-line channels.

Kiabi’s primary objective was to achieve an optimised supply chain execution capability that would allow it to replenish each day every single item of the hundreds of thousands of items it sells across its retail operations.

The multi-site solution roll-out was initiated at the 22,000 sq m Mâcon warehouse in South-East France.

Based on the Mâcon implementation, the Kiabi and Manhattan teams designed a deployment duplication model that would facilitate and accelerate installations at other sites. Thanks to the duplication model, Kiabi was able to deploy the solution in only 10 days at these sites instead of the 30 days previously needed.

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