How the plan is supposed to work

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The planning application is split into two main parts: The Site Preparation Planning Application and The Olympic and Legacy Transformation Planning Application. This allows the site preparation application to be considered first to allow the work on the site to begin as early as possible while the second part of the application in being processed.

The Site Preparation Planning Application seeks permission for early works to allow the development of Olympic facilities and their legacy transformation, including: remediation, demolition and earthworks to prepare the land for construction; extensive works to waterways, including the construction of new river walls and flood defence walls; the construction of new highways and a continuous Loop Road surrounding the Olympic Park, to provide initial construction access, and give vehicles back-of-house venue access in Games mode; construction of an underground utilities corridor.

The Olympic and Legacy Transformation Planning Application seeks permission for the core construction work and post-Games reconfiguration of infrastructure for legacy use, including:

l Construction of five permanent venues (Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre, Velopark, Handball Arena, Eton Manor) and three temporary sporting venues (Basketball Arena, Hockey Venue, Fencing Venue). Construction of an international broadcast centre.

l Earthworks and extensive landscaping to create open space areas and achieve an Olympic Park that is accessible, usable and varied in its topography.

l 11 permanent highway bridges and 13 permanent footbridges.

l Above ground utilities, including a wind turbine which will provide six per cent of the site’s energy requirements.

l Extensive post-Games regeneration work including the transformation of the Olympic loop road and construction of a new legacy road network.

A decision is expected later this year but timings will be influenced by the unprecedented size of the document.

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