Unipart ties together telematics system

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Unipart Logistics is launching a fully integrated RFID and GPS-enabled vehicle telematics system that enables logistics managers to track loads, assets, vehicles and trailers throughout the entire supply chain in real time.

The system, called Unipart Insight, includes hardware, software and business support. It also integrates with on-board communications and integrates with routeing and scheduling packages, tachograph and other back office systems.

Unipart’s Peter Cullen said: “Unipart Insight brings together all the benefits of Unipart best practice with RFID and GPS telematics in a fully integrated solution.

“For a long time logistics companies have been looking for a package which will not only collect all the data they need but presents it in a way that effective business decisions can be made in terms of improving efficiency, security and reducing costs. We have been part-way there with RFID and telematics as separate tools but putting them together along with Unipart best practice processes and the right software means businesses can for the first time reap the full benefits of the technology.”

Unipart’s automotive division has been running a GPS-enabled telematics fleet of almost 1,500 vehicles.

“The move to integrate the two technologies came from the encouraging results we achieved after merging these with Unipart best practice and our logistics expertise,” said Cullen.

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