A Knights’ tale

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Knights Of Old is using Atlet’s Tergo Forte S3 reach truck to use more of its double-deep racking at its Kettering warehouse. The installation is thought to be one of the highest double-deep applications in the UK with a top beam height of 10.3 metres. The fleet has been supplied on a five year lease with Atlet providing service and maintenance through call-out contract.

“We can now operate double-deep to the full pallet specification in 95 per cent of all locations,” says operations director Ian Beattie.

For double deep operation the Forte has been equipped with extending forks which allows pallets to be handled into the rear locations in the double deep racking. The result is that the reach trucks can easily handle the full 1,000 kg into any pallet location up to 10.3 metres except for the rear of the very highest racking level in the warehouse.

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